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What is UK Home Care Directory?

UK home care directory is an online platform that places all the services you require to stay independent at home and in the community in one place.  UK home care directory aims to help people looking for care and support find the right support for them within their local community.   We  provide a range of home services and community support to ensure that you can find all your support in one place.  This includes home cleaning services, support with shopping, support to attend the community, gardening services, pet services and home maintenance services. As a customer seeking support  you use the search section to find service providers and view  profiles, which provides the persons expertise, areas they work and pay rate.  Only carers and service providers who have completed compliance checks and who we feel are suitable for are service will be able to join our directory.  All compliance is completed by qualified social workers who are registered with Social Work England. Whilst we complete our own checks, we also highly recommend customers undertake their own checks of anyone they hire, this includes requesting to see their documents.


How do I find a service on the website?

Use the  search bar to find the service you require and view available profiles; which include their expertise, pay rates  and information about them. Customers are able to see reviews, via client feedback, which is uploaded to their profiles. This may be not on all profiles due to a number of reasons, including they are awaiting to start a contract, via our service, if they are new to us. If you can’t find a service you are looking for please contact us directly.

Who agrees on the service for me?

You choose your own support however, if you feel that you require some help please contact us to discuss this further, but you will need to make the final decision on the provider you choose.

If I need a carer will I get to meet them before I decide on a contract with them?

If you are not in urgent need of a carer we recommend that you arrange to meet the carer in the first instance to decide if they are right for you or your loved one. Where urgent care is needed, you may not meet the carer until the first care call. We recommend you have seen copies of documents for compliance before starting a contract. We are happy to offer advice if needed on this.

How much will my support cost?

Carers and service providers set their own rates based on their expertise and you can find this on their profile.   Pay rates start from £10 ph.

We do not charge our carers or service providers any commission fees, so this allows them to earn a working wage and also pass on the saving to those they support.

How do I pay for my care and support?

Payment for any service via our directory is paid in arrangement with the carer or service provider directly.  We do not take any payments for your care or support.  Please ensure you are happy with the pay rate and any documentation that you are asked to sign.

Is there a minimum contract period?

Contracts  are arranged in advance and directly with the person providing your care and support.  Any minimum contract is subject to the individual carer so please ask this question when contacting them. Please make sure that the care and support times offered are what you are happy with. We believe everyone has the right to choice and control over the support they receive. If you are having any difficulties with this please contact us directly.

Can I hire more than one carer?

Yes, you can use the number of carers you need to cover the care that you require.  Or you may just need an additional carer to cover holidays, you can find all our carers on the website.

Our directory is there to enable you to find all the support you need in one place, so please look at all the support providers too, that offer a range of services to help keep you independent at home and in the community.

Will my carer / service provider have insurance?

We check that our carers have insurance and we also highly recommend that you ask to see a copy of their insurance too before agreeing any support. This also applies to our service providers.  

Will my carer / service provider be vetted?

UK home care directory completes compliance checks for all carers and service providers joining our platform. All compliance will be undertaken by qualified Social Workers who have a background in Adult Social Care and some will also have had experience in Learning Disabilities and Mental Health.  We trust that all information provided by the carers and service providers is correct and we check references where we are able to.  We recommend customers to do their own checks in addition to this, including requesting to see all documentation, including public liability and copy of DBS or link to their  DBS update service.


Are you registered with the Care Quality Commission?

UK home care directory is not registered with the Quality Care Commission.  UK home care directory is an introductory agency which introduces carers and those seeking care.   According to regulatory guidelines published by the Care Quality Commission, “introductory agencies” who impose no control over ongoing care provision, but introduce carers and provide other ancillary services to facilitate a carer/care seeker relationship, have no statutory requirement to register with the CQC. 

This means that UK home care directory is unable to control the delivery of the care by the carer, including changes to visits, back up rotas and monitoring of individual carer performance.  UK home care directory does however, provide a service that allows all those receiving care the ability to monitor all carers provision of care and provide feedback.   

For further information please visit https://www.cqc.org.uk/guidance-providers/scope-registration

and refer to the The scope of registration: May 2022 document.

What happens if I am not happy with my carer or service provider?

Please let us know straight away if you are not happy with any aspect of your care or service you access from our directory. We take any concerns seriously and will respond immediately.  In the first instance we will seek to identify with you what is not working and discuss with you if you feel this is a breach of your contract and if you still wish to continue with the support.  Any ongoing contract (no end date) can be cancelled at any time, if there is a breach of contract.  If there is not a breach of contract, a weeks’ notice is preferred.

What is the difference between UK Home Care Directory and and a care agency?

As an introductory service we impose no control over the care delivery and this is between you and the carer. We ask an agreed contract from both parties be in place, between you, before care commences.  All care and support agreed is directly between yourself and the carer/service provider. This way you can directly source the care and support for the times that suit your schedule and routine.  The care and support is not directed by us meaning you are not subject to a service lead service but only source the help that will work for you.

What happens if I wish to cancel my contract with my carer?

Any ongoing contract (no end date) can be cancelled at any time if there is a breach of contract, if there is not a breach of contract, a weeks’ notice is preferred.  This enables carers some notice to find alternative work. Please confirm the notice before any support starts and have this in writing.


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