Service Standards


  • This Code of Conduct sets out the standards which carers and service providers registered at UK Home Care Directory are expected to meet, and enables customers to ensure that the care and support that they receive is of the high level that they expect. *Service provider/s relates to any service provider on the platform who is not a carer.
  • Carers and service providers should comply with the spirit and the letter of this Code of Conduct.   
  • This Code of Conduct is not intended to replace the terms of any written contract between a carer/service provider and a customer, but may be incorporated by reference.
  • This Code of Conduct may be amended by UK Home Care Directory at any time.  Such update shall be posted on http://www.ukhomecaredirectory.co.uk  and is effective on posting.

Quality of Care  

  • Carers/service providers must provide care and their services with all reasonable skill and care and to a professional standard.  
  • Carers/service providers must ensure that they and their uniform are clean and presentable when they attend the customers home.
  • Carers/service providers must always behave in a courteous manner to customers and other individuals present; and be  honest and compassionate to the customer..
  • Carers/service providers must be confident that they are able to provide the services required by the customer without further training.  
  • Carers/service providers must provide the care services at the location and during the hours agreed with the customer.  Any changes must be agreed in advance by or on behalf of the customer.
  • Carers/service providers must not provide care or their services if they are sick.  In such circumstances, the carer/service provider must notify the customer as soon as reasonably possible. 
  • The carer/service provider must ensure they hold an update DBS certificate and provide evidence of the updated DBS certificate to UK Home Care Directory.
  • Carers/service providers must provide all evidence of  their compliance documentation, including and not limited to DBS Certificate, Insurance Certificate and ID to their customer before starting any work with them.

Punctuality and Holidays

  • Carers/service providers should always be punctual, and do his or her very best never to miss an appointment with a customer..
  • If due to an emergency or because the carer/service provider is too ill to provide the service, the carer/service provider must notify the customer as soon as reasonably possible.
  • The carer/service provider must agree any holidays in advance with the customer.
  • Carers/service providers should do his or her very best to give at least 2 weeks’ notice of a holiday to the customer.

Complaints, Termination of services

  • Carers/service providers must notify UK Home Care Directory promptly of any complaint or dispute that they receive in relation to the provision of their services.
  • Carers/service providers must also notify UK Home Care Directory  immediately if they cease to provide the services for any reason.


  • The carer/service providers must keep confidential all information that he or she learns whilst providing care services, including details of the customers personal information, care programme and progress.
  • However, the carer/service provider shall be entitled to disclose the information (a) if the care receiver agrees to such disclosure; (b) to prevent or report a crime; (c) to prevent or report serious harm to the customer or any third party; and/or (d) to comply with any legal requirement or any court order. Disclosure must be on a ‘need to know’ basis only.

Updated September 2023